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HeatSync Labs is having a vintage videogame night soon, led by the inimitable Corey Renner, and it inspired me not only to break out my Intellivision but to honor the granddaddy of electronic gaming, Tennis for Two.

The original was made with basic electrical devices in 1958, but to save a bunch of wiring and debugging I used Evil Mad Scientist's plans and AVR microcontroller code.

The controllers are made from extruded aluminum project boxes with holes drilled in, a 10k single-sweep potentiometer for angle control, and a momentary pushbutton, all from my local electronics store. The mainboard is just an ATmega168 flashed with Evil Mad Scientist's code using LadyAda's usbtinyisp and a bunch of resistors on a perfboard. Lots of solder to compensate for the lack of copper plating!

The oscilloscope is simply set in x-y mode with about .2 volts per division and adjusted X and Y to be centered on the screen. Hopefully I'll find a suitably ancient scope to display it on!

Anyway, just a project to get my brain working again and a nice vintage addition to our collection, thanks to Evil Mad Scientist's excellent opensource work!