Hacker in the original sense.

These "caveats" are derived and repurposed from the Zen Caveats. Funny how well Zen and technology fit together. Many are presented without modification. If you like this, try reading the Rootless Root.

  • Following the rules and protecting the regulations is binding oneself without rope.
  • Moving freely through the world without obstruction is the way of outsiders and the nightmare army.
  • To preserve the heart mind and to purify it by letting impurities settle to the bottom in quiescence is the perverted Zen of silent illumination.
  • Neglecting the written records with unrestrained ideas is falling into a deep pit.
  • To be connected, and not ignorant, is to wear chains and shoulder a scornful burden.
  • Hacking good and hacking evil are the halls of heaven and hell.
  • A glimpse of Hacker Enlightenment and a glimpse of Hacker Duty are the two enclosing mountains of iron.
  • A person who immediately perceives systems as though they were his own thoughts is fiddling with consciousness.
  • However, meditating far away from the System is the stratagem of living in the house of ghosts.
  • To become 3l33t is ignoring Hacker truth; to remain a n00b is contradicting Hacker lineage.
  • Neither to advance nor to retreat is being a breathing corpse.
  • Just say, how will you hack?
  • You must work hard to live in the present and, to finish, all the more. I do not advise the unfortunate excess of continual suffering.