It took me way too long to figure out how to dump an xml document or xml node to a string (memory) or a file export in C, so here are some premade functions ready for use.

void xml\_node\_to\_file(char \*path, xmlDoc \*document, xmlNode \*node) {
    FILE \*f;
    f = fopen(path, "w");
    xmlElemDump (f, document, node);
/\* free the result \*/
char \*xml\_node\_to\_string(xmlDoc \*document, xmlNode \*node)
    char \*out;
    xmlBufferPtr buffer = xmlBufferCreate();
    int size = xmlNodeDump(buffer, document, node, 0, 1);
    out = malloc(size);
    strcpy(out, (char \*)buffer->content);
    return out;

Usage example:

xmlDocPtr  document1;
xmlNodePtr root1;
char \*dump1;

document1 = xmlParseDoc((xmlChar \*)"<?xml version=\\"1.0\\"?><root><a></a><b></b></root>");
root1 = xmlDocGetRootElement(document1);
dump1 = xml\_node\_to\_string(document1, root1);
printf("dump1: %s", dump1);

if(dump1) free(dump1);

xml\_node\_to\_file("/tmp/dump1.txt", document1, root1);