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Whether Tempe is a poser or Phoenix is sucky or Chandler is a thriving tech incubator is somewhat diluted by their public perception. I think perception is reality-- if the public thinks something, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Moving Gangplank to Buckeye would be a harder sell than moving it to Downtown Phoenix-- people would whine either way, but Buckeye isn't perceived as a technological place whereas Downtown Phoenix seems like an objectively logical choice. I've only lived in Phoenix since '04, but Chandler/Mesa/Gilbert doesn't seem like an objectively logical choice for technology incubators. It might be in practicality, but I think that would shock most Valley residents, and so unfortunately you're working against public perception which is an uphill battle.

It's hard to be "the best collab space in Phoenix" if you're actually 10 miles outside of Phoenix and a 30 minute drive from the city center. If Gangplank doesn't want to be, that's fine, but it'd be helpful to explicitly state this so guys like myself don't write short blog-essays in vain.