The Phoenix-area collab spaces have their own Movember this year, in which we have a mustache/beard grow-off for charity!

Everyone else at HeatSync Labs appears to have chickened out except for the amazing Austin "Scorche" Appel, so I've gotta take one for the team and together we can show those CoHootians what a hacker beard is capable of!

This charity thing doesn't work without your help though. Not only must I grow a beard, I've also gotta get a bunch of money for sick kids! But fortunately, donations help beards grow! So help me and help sick kids at the same time!

Here's how:

Go to

Click "Make A Donation" in the middle of the screen.

-Enter your lovingly considered amount -Type your name under Recognition Name -Put my name in the Notes -Kids and beards profit!

Thanks so much, everyone! Onward to bearded happy-kids hacker victory!