Why buy an expensive disk or flash drive duplicator when you can make one yourself with Linux for free or cheap?

Here are the cloning scripts you can use to copy a disk and then write it back to a large number of target disks. Modify the IMAGE.img and /dev/DEVICE as desired (each "of=" is another output file, make sure you don't get confused and accidentally set an "of=" to a device that you might not want to destructively overwrite!) It even beeps when it's done! Make sure to mark the scripts as executable (chmod +x) so you can double click them, or run them by typing ./SCRIPT.sh in terminal.


#!/bin/sh echo "about to read from DEVICE to IMAGE.img -- READY?" sudo dd if=/dev/DEVICE of=IMAGE.img bs=4096 echo -e "\a" read -p "Done" nothing


#!/bin/sh echo "about to write from IMAGE.img to DEVICE,  DEVICE and DEVICE -- READY?" sudo dcfldd if=IMAGE.img of=/dev/DEVICE of=/dev/DEVICE of=/dev/DEVICE bs=4096 echo -e "\a" read -p "Done" nothing