Laser-Cut Custom-Fabric Dress Shirt

The Minecraft release party, MineCon, was this year in Las Vegas. In a flash of inspiration, I knew I’d found my first cosplay opportunity. Most people would wear cardboard boxes, which isn’t very Vegas. What Minecraft-themed costume would fit Vegas, aside from old people in sweatpants gambling their retirement checks away? A suit, of course! With a Notch-inspired Fedora, and Creeper-print fabric to tie it back to Minecraft. Hours of sewing later, I’m the proud owner of a Creeper shirt (and fedora.)

Turns out there’s a website that will print on fabric any image you upload to them, so I grabbed the Creeper texture straight out of the videogame, blew it up, and uploaded it to (click for texture) — there was a slight tiling issue in the version I printed, causing a white line to appear every few feet, but otherwise came out quite well! The fabric is somewhat expensive, but then again considering there’s no minimum quantity I still consider Spoonflower a great deal. Plus, what’s the alternative? Hand-painting fabric isn’t my idea of a fun time.

The shirt pattern was based on existing shirt I had, tore apart, scanned using a large copier, and traced in Inkscape. Saved it into a DXF file format and used HeatSync‘s laser to cut the fabric. Finally, I uploaded the shirt design to YouMagine (click for DXF design files & instructions). I’m pretty sure it’s the first free dress shirt pattern available online, especially in DXF format.

Finally, I sewed it using normal sewing machine techniques (see Thingiverse for sewing instructions.)

What can you make?


4 thoughts on “Laser-Cut Custom-Fabric Dress Shirt

  1. Hi, I also want to make a shirt with Spoonflower fabric, but I don’t know what type I need, for a dress shirt like yours, from the options they give for their designs. Which type of fabric did you buy?

  2. Hi Alberto,

    Unfortunately Minecraft asked me to remove the fabric, since it was basically “selling” their pattern and mentioned their name.

    However, I don’t think there’s any harm in sharing the image I used to create the fabric: You should be able to make your own that way.

  3. Thanks! I’m sorry I did get a little confused while asking before for a couple details, but the other question I have is if you would know which type of fabric, from the Spoonflower options, is the best for a dress shirt like that. I mean, because they offer a couple of cotton options, among others, but I’m not sure which is the one I need for a dress shirt, since this would be my first time buying from them

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