Quick n Dirty Digital Signage – with Flickr!

People want lots of money these days for digital signage, but lots of it is mediocre at best and especially lacking in third-party data sources. How much money is it worth to edit HTML by hand? About the cost of decent digital signage software! So I made my own with pure Javascript and JQuery goodness:

  • sign.html is the “sign” or iframe rotator which rotates through the below pages.
  • splash.html has the splash page with our logo and a welcome.
  • slideshow.html has the slideshow, which uses JQuery and a jQuery Flickr plugin called jFlickrFeed
  • ads.html is the “ad” page that gives shoutouts to other points of interest nearby.

The code is very hackish but is designed to not rely heavily on stuff that might disappear or closed-source. If you want to change the sizes of anything, the type of flickr feed, etc, it should be relatively straightforward. Also since everything should get loaded in memory the first iteration, it shouldn’t die if the internet cuts out on you a day later. Tested in Chrome. You can (hopefully) see a working version at http://live.heatsynclabs.org/sign.html

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